What Membership Means

Being a Juventus Official Fan Club means that the Club is officially recognized by the parent club, Juventus F.C. in Torino, Italy. This means that we are united by the love of our team and our passion for the game, stimulated by the black and white and pushed forward by the fervor of our cheers.

The club meets regularly to watch matches together at the Venice Tavern in Little Italy. Members may purchase a custom Juventus Official Fan Club Baltimore Mug, which entitles the member to drink discounts at Venice Tavern.

In addition to match days, the club also hosts an annual Bull and Oyster Roast and sponsors a Juventus Youth Soccer club.

How to become a member?

Memberships to the JOFC Baltimore 2022/2023 season:
$35 per Basic membership
$50 per Membership PLUS choice of Club Mug or Official Club Scarf